What things have you become more aware of?

  • I am more aware about positive and negative actions, and how I behave effects others

  • I am the most important thing to me and I should not let my peers dictate who I should be

  • I am more aware that the way I am is how everyone will treat me

  • I should not make boys one of my main priorities

  • I should not let boys control or manipulate me into doing things I am not meant to

  • I more aware of people and my surroundings and how I treat others

  • Sex and teen pregnancy, peer pressure, bullying

  • Setting standards that will bring respect to myself

  • That you have to pick the right friends


How has Change of Thoughts helped you? 

  • I loved it, we spoke about the things that i am going through

  • All young people need change of thoughts

  • It has helped me a great deal, i thought no one else went through what i was going through and in the session I realised that I am not alone

  • Yes because its broadens you and makes you a lot wiser.

  • Yes, because they can learn a lot from Rachel

  • Yes, I think it was a really good experience

  • Change of thoughts has helped me loads because I’ve been more aware of things.  I feel like I have more intelligence and I have become more mature and aware of my surroundings and what to do when I am in a situation I don’t want to be in.

  • Yes, because iv e learnt a lot and I am grateful that I had Rachel to help me and guide me to right things so I think it would be good if other people get these workshops so they can get help too.

What did you think of the facilitator Rachel Dinah?

  • Rachel is a great person and I love how she has taken her time out to help us become better women in the future.  She has truly helped me and I love her for that.

  • She is the best

  • Fantastic, amazing, helpful

  • The fact Rachel is leaving makes me sad

  • I want to cry if I think I would never had this time with Rachel

  • I think Rachel’s the best. She has helped me a lot and guided me to do the right choices in the future and in the near future.

Rachel’s great, she’s the best. I am very grateful I had her and I am happy and glad she done this workshop